Advertise with HireTalents and start utilizing your budget more effectively

Advertising can be costly, but HireTalents provides an affordable marketing solution for businesses to share their message on social media and create a dynamic environment for their content at a fraction of the cost of any PPC campaign. You can benefit from HireTalents advertising programs by creating jobs manually or automatically with API calls.

Advertising ideas

There is virtually no limit to the kind of tasks you can create.

  • Automated Tweeter tasks
  • Get more followers
  • Get reviews
  • Search online
  • Social Media marketing
  • Mobile App downloads, Beta testing and Database
  • Surveys
  • Backlinks and blogging

Automated Tweeter tasks

Real people are ready to interact with you on Twitter. Twitter followers, likes, retweets, new tweets possible. With the HireTalents automated solution, HireTalents can verify all jobs for you.

Get more followers

You can increase your business's social media presence by requesting followers on HireTalents. The most popular social media tasks on HireTalents are adding followers, receiving likes and posting shares.

Get reviews

Get real reviews. You can ask users to try your service and write an honest review of their own. Alternatively, they can add text that says 'sponsored review'.

Search online

You can ask people to search for your service or find information for you.

Mobile App downloads, Beta testing and Database

It’s important to work with experienced beta testers to make sure everything is broadly checked through. On HireTalents you can create a task requesting to download your app or software to be tested according to the parameters you need. You can collect the feedback data in a survey form to focus on the most important aspects of your project.


Automate your advertising tasks and surveys and grow your customer followers using the HireTalents API to save time and money. Survey specific countries with HireTalents.

Backlinks and blogging

Organic backlinks are hard to come up with unless bloggers and influencers are ready to write about your business and mention your product in their articles. HireTalents has writers, in almost any language, willing to designate a page on their blog and to create content about your business with a link back to your website.

Affiliate program for Agencies and advertisers

The HireTalents referral program benefits you, not only by helping your customers' businesses to grow, but also you can start making money by using the HireTalents affiliate program.

Thousands of freelancers are ready to work on HireTalents to help you grow your business. it's time for you to join.